Arto Yuzbasiyan

Welcome to Arto Yuzbasiyan's website

Arto has been part of the Canadian art scene since 1973. As you flip through these pages we want you to get to know his work and to know him as a person. You can read his biography, see some of his artwork, see a list of the many collections in which his paintings are exhibited, learn a bit about his history and discover Arto as a painter as well as a poet.

What makes Arto Yuzbasiyan's work special is its focus on what many would consider being out of the way depictions of life. Quiet downtown corners where life is lived in harmony with the city is what he captures. These are moments when city dwellers go about their business unaware of his brush. The subjects hurry home through a winter storm or they wait for an ever-present streetcar to arrive.

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