Arto moved to Canada in 1973. This marked the beginning of a new era in his life. Arto became fascinated with the rugged beauty of this country and started painting its lifescapes comprised of the landscape and rural scenery.

While he had been commissioned to do many rural images, Arto was most taken by the growing vibrancy of his new home, Toronto. He worked diligently and quickly to capture many scenes of that city. Toronto was changing as it grew rapidly and he worked to capture images that would soon disappear from the day to day life of Toronto. The streetcars, people going about their daily business, corner stores that were going to succumb to progress in a few years, became his passion as well as his subjects. Arto soon became well know for these images, capturing the soul of both Toronto and its inhabitants.

In the eighties Arto started travelling to other cities and has applied his special insight to other Canadian cities such as Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

By the 1990's he had already established himself as an important Canadian contemporary artist.

Throughout that time his medium was both watercolour as well as oil on canvas and board.

Queen Street, Toronto Quebec City Untitled Abstract Reclining Figure
Caught in Storm Two Street Cars, Toronto Harbour